January 20, 2020 Local Stories in and Around St. Joseph, Illinois

Live at Ogden Village Board

Seven people are here for Ogden Village Board. That’s quite crowd for a night when they aren’t discussing flooding.

They are discussing bills and when a debit card can be used.

Public comment- a woman is discussing photos being taken at the festival and asking why the photos were taken.

I am not sure what this is about honestly. Apparently, someone fell into a car and photos were posted. The resident is pretty upset. Trustee Jim Acklin said “Why is this a village issue?”

Mayor Gabe Clements said the photo has been removed.

Trustee Jim Haan asking who owned the camera the photo was taken on.

Trustee Sue Esposito saying it was an unfortunate situation and an apology is owed.

Acklin telling resident that if the issue is with the comments made on the photo that is an issue that should be taken up with the village resident not the village board. “This is not the venue to do it.”

Trustee Kelly Cooper apologizing. Mayor Clements moving on. Resident apologizes to the rest of the audience.

Numerous people here to discuss the recycling dumpster. Apparently, it will be moved back to the park when the cameras come in. Resident unhappy because she can see it out her window currently while it is at village hall. The village moved it because people were illegally dumping at the park.

“It is very distressing to have it up there.” Residents said other people don’t like it either but were afraid of “retribution” if they came to the meeting.

Side note:
This is why other towns have gotten rid of their recycling. People never want it near their house and people dump trash in it.

Resident saying if the village won’t move it she will contact more people. (People in Ogden are super passionate about this Dumpster.)

Resident saying other residents wouldn’t come for fear of retribution. Acklin says that is “BS” and “You can quote me.” #Idid

He said that he knows the people on the board and there is no reason for anyone to be afraid of speaking to them. #Ithinkthatstrue


Intergovernmental agreement time. For drainage tile.

POINT OF ORDER: from Haan. He wants them to read the ordinance in the motion.

They are discussing a drainage project that hasn’t happened yet and the governor put a stop it.

Discussing upgrading billing software for water and sewer. “Our current software is obsolete,” said Trustee Jim Haan. Haan did his due diligence on this. Found other companies, compare prices and asked for references.

Esposito saying she doesn’t want to spend $16,000 to pay online. She doesn’t want to pay $6,000 either- which is the other company cost. Clements saying if the current system goes down they would have to handwrite out the bills. They would have to have training for new software regardless of which company they go with.

This is important because it deals with a large amount of money and how people will be billed. Haan saying people want to pay online.

Acklin saying he would pay online.

Clements asking for a conference call with the companies during a committee meeting.

They tabled it until next Harvest festival will be October 26 from 3-5 pm. $700 expense.

This is a great event. Tons of people attend and there is a great costume contest. One year some parents dressed as chefs and their baby was a lobster in a pot. #LOVEDIT

Anyway, they are buying less candy this year because they had a lot left over and they had to give it away.

Here is what we are here for… dispensary talk.

Sonja is very passionate about it. “Do you want to take a vote or listen to me.”
Acklin “I would love to listen to you Sonja.” it

Sonja: You can opt-out and opt-in later. She thinks the village should opt-out.

She’s arguing that no one would want to open one in Ogden since they can’t keep a grocery or hardware store. Also said there are a lot of unknowns.

Sonja reiterating that people can use marijuana but this is to prohibit the sale.

Ogden is opting out. No dispensary for them. #itliterallytooklike15minutes #stjoehasbeendiscussingitforweeksmaybemonths

Moving on to the water tower. There’s black junk on the bottom. It may be #mold but it may just be dirt. Discussing if it should be painted.

Cameras will go up in 2 weeks at the shed so the recycling dumpster will be moved. There will be signs saying that there is video and if you illegally dump you will be fined. #seriously #don’tdump

Events: Movie in the Park is next Saturday. They are showing the Sandlot. “If you don’t come we won’t do it next year and we just bought that massive huge movie screen.” Library will do concessions. If it rains it will be in PVO South’s gym.

Sue telling people they need help with the Harvest Festival. #peoplerunninggames #peoplebakingcakes #themayorwillbethere

Don Wauthier telling the board the festival was amazing. #itwastrue #tonsofevents

Kelly saying it helps people learn that Ogden has a ton of businesses.

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