September 26, 2023 Local Stories in and Around St. Joseph, Illinois

Live at St. Joseph Village Board, July 11, 2023

Jim Wagner is not here. Jeff Van Buskirk’s seat isn’t filled yet.

They approved the minutes, bills, treasuer’s report.

An Eagle Scout was supposed to present but isn’t here.

Bill Campbell is on remotely. My family has owned the mini-warehouses west of the village’s new parking lot. Has buyers who are interested. They want to put a commercial building or new warehouse on the separate portion of the lot. They are discussing potential uses, requirements, ect.

Bill wants a straw vote ish thing so he knows what they are thinking.

Max and Art saying they are fine with boat and RV storage because it’s what is currently going on there.

Tami saying she would prefer to bring in businesses with sales tax revenue and she doesn’t want a gravel, open air, storage facility because it could be unsightly.

Campbell saying the owners would fence the area and it would be temporary before an enclosed building is built.

PUBLIC WORKS REPORT: They are moving the guys up so they can relax.

Tami “We got hit really hard with one of the worst storms we have ever had.” Tami saying that it could have been worse. “We didn’t have any homes leveled.”

Thanking public works for all their work they have done to clean up.

Luke naming off all the cities that are helping.

“There were whole trees taken down,” Luke said. Luke saying that they have gotten a lot of resources for free.

“I think tomorrow if we get another full day and then Thursday with a half-day or a full day we will have most of the big stuff.”

“People need to be patient,” Luke said. “We will get to it. Thank you for everyone’s participation.”

They are getting ready to pass the loan agreement with the Illinois EPA for the wastewater treatment plant capacity expansion project in the amount of $19,386, 138.83. The village commits to ensuring revenues are sufficient to offset the costs of operations, repair and maintenance plus debt service.

They also executed the notice of award and agreement for wastewater treatment plant capacity expansion project to enter into a construction contract with Schomburg and Schomburg. for the base bid of $19,386, 138.83.

There was also a change order for the wastewater plant capacity to reduce the contract amount to $15,857,606.

They tabled the storage unit proposal and the solar array discussion.

Now discussing the special event permit application for the ribcage. They want to hold a concert and a bags contest. #soundsfun

Max is pointing out that no matter what they do people complain if any road is closed. Saying there are still other ways to get to the other businesses. Saying people complain about the road being closed for the Santa 5K. #WHAT???? #BUTTHEGRINCHISTHERE

Matt Walsh is saying people will attend this event and will bring people in to spend money at other businesses. #peoplelovebagstournaments

“We are trying to get more fun events in the community,” Walsh said.

Terri saying that she wants them to be good neighbors and talk to the other businesses to make sure it’s okay.

Art saying “Have you ever considered half the street.” Art saying that they have blocked the street off for other events so he doesn’t see why they can’t do it for this.

Max said to let it go this time and then address any issues.

Matt says he will talk to Padanos if the board wants him to. Terri says she would prefer that.

I really hope that they require all the other special event permits to talk to their neighbors to make sure they are all okay with any upcoming event.

Art keeps talking about onlt blocking off half the street. #WHATANIGHTMAREIFTHEYDOTHAT

Eagle Scout showed up. Nate Roth, Troop 40. Wants to build a flag collection box. Tami saying there is a definite need in the community.

Now talking about solar panels.

They have a closed session to discuss the lease of real estate for use by the village coming up- maybe that is why they tabled the storage unit proposal?

Back to solar panels basically they want more information.

Everyone’s favorite DJ is back after talking to Padano’s. “He seems pretty open to it. He didn’t give me a yes or no.” asked if he could talk to him tomorrow. Walsh saying they will promote it as Ribcage, Logan Allen and Padanos. Wants to make sure he has a parking place because his car got towed last week.

Art making a motion to approve the event permit if Padano’s agrees. If he doesn’t he wants it to be blocking half the road off.

It sounds like Padanos is really concerned with parking which is justifiable. They need to address the parking situation in town.

They approved it.

Dan Davis abstained because he would prefer it to be half-blocked off for safety concerns.

They also tabled the strategic planning presentation. Because “They weren’t sure how this meeting was going to go.” #whatsthatmean?

They were in closed for a very long time and took no action after.

Just a note from me: LETS give a giant shout out to public works who are busting their butts to get the town cleaned up. They are amazing.

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