July 1, 2022 Local Stories in and Around St. Joseph, Illinois

Live at St. Joseph Village Board

We are live at St. Joseph Village Board. Terri Cummings is being appointed to fill Bob Rigdon’s trustee position. Four candidates applied for the position.

Ken Cooley is being appointed to planning and zoning.

Abbeyfield property update- on Peters Drive. The farm land near that is owned by Barry Fisher. Trinity Acers to the East which are owned by Corey and Melissa Swanson.

Joe Lierman is going through 15 years of history.

2004- plans were made for the new middle school. One of the issues was dealing with all the storm water runoff created by the buildings and the parking lots.

Discussing issues with the drainage tile on Fisher’s property. Fisher has to approve any connections to the tile.

Four local St. Joe Women are looking to buy Abbeyfield and use it as a daycare.

The village and lawyers from Abbeyfield are willing to pay $5,000 to Fisher and $5,000 to his attorneys for Fisher to clarify that water from the two other properties can flow through his tile.

Discussing zoning issues, ect.

Tami Fruhling-Voges saying that property is perfect for a daycare. It totally is. It has a shared kitchen, a large family area and numerous other rooms that would have been rooms for elderly residents.

Discussing the history of the drainage tile situation with Fisher. It’s been a three year ordeal, Fruhling-Voges said.

Still discussing the drainage tile. Joe wants some direction from the Board.

Still discussing the drainage tile. Discussing if a private resident has the right to tell people a tile maintained by a public entity cannot be used by other people.

The board supports the daycare being placed in Abbeyfield in a straw vote. They still have to deal with drainage tile situation.

Mayor’s Desk: the mayor is sharing info with businesses. The house near the burn pile is happy with the burn box.

Mayor talking about how everyone in the county is anxious to open back up. Discussing how other counties are opening early through resolutions. “People are getting frustrated with the governor.”

Fruhling-Voges saying she has concerns with the governor’s approach. “That could put you out another year before you reach the final phase and open up.”

Fruhling-Voges saying the Republican Champaign County Board Caucus is going to present ideas to move forward with the county opening up.

Some mayors are working together on a letter to the governor. They are asking the trustees of various villages to sign on as well.

The letter is going to urge the governor that a one sized all approach does not work and the southern part of the state (South of I-80) can set their own guidelines to keep their residents, businesses and customers safe.

“A lot of these small businesses are really hurting. They cannot afford to be closed another month or we will lose them completely.”

Discussing the paycheck protection program and how it is difficult to navigate, is running out of money and the loans are going to larger businesses.

Fruhling-Voges and Dan Davis discussing the rate of positive tests.

Jim Wagner discussing how they closed their shop but opened it back up with safeguards. Customers have been polite, aware of the required safe guards, ect. “No one wants to get sick.”

“I don’t know of very many business owners who want their customers or employees to be ill,” Fruhling-Voges said. “It is easier for a small business to control the number of people coming in.”

Tami discussing how the Zone is opening tomorrow. Tami is saying the owner has two or three other fitness centers in the state he has opened up. “I don’t know what will happen in Champaign County.” Tami saying she has had conversations about it with the State’s Attorney and she isn’t sure what will happen. Tami said she is confident, after talking to the owner, he is doing it in a safe way. They have masks available, there will be more cleaning, ect.

Rapp discussing how the Governor’s wife is in Florida and isn’t leading by example. Suggesting a resolution of support for their businesses. “They are perfectly capable of doing their own safeguards and if they don’t people will not go to them.” Rapp saying that we do not live in a nanny state.

Painter discussing how the state has threatened to pull licenses if a business needs a license.

Rapp saying the governor has overreached his power.

Tami is saying “things are heating up in Champaign County.” Tami wants the county to come up with a phase-in approach with input from the chamber and our business owners to allow people locally to open up.

Rapp discussing how state politicians don’t seem to care because they are collecting a paycheck.

Fruhling-Voges said all businesses are essential because they provide people’s livelihoods. Discussing how businesses will eventually go off the books to open up which will cut tax dollars.

Fruhling-Voges stressing they are supporting their businesses and will do whatever they can to help them.

Fruhling-Voges said that she sent info to local business owners so they can participate in the county board meeting.

“The trustees and the board are in support of our small businesses, in solidarity and are going to do whatever they can on their end to support the businesses.”

A local church has asked to use the woodard parking lot for a drive-in service.

A music group has also approached the village about doing a drive-in concert at the sports complex.

The board is in support of this in theory.

Back to discussing the Governor.

Discussing public works projects. #didsuchagoodjobonbrushpickup

Dumpster Day is Saturday at the Sports Complex.

Discussing how they have masks for village employees. Luke Fisher said they discussed how they should wear them to set an example but it really cannot be enforced.

Lierman saying since they don’t really license businesses they can’t do much more than say they support the businesses in regards to the stay at home order.

Discussing the budget now.
Fruhling-Voges saying she feels confident the village can weather the covid storm. Discussing not implementing a sewer rate increase until October or staying on the schedule and doing the increase in May.

Discussing sewer plant. They will have a meeting to discuss it further in the future.

meeting adjourned

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