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Live at St. Joseph Village Board, June 8 2021

I am live with my closest 20 plus friends here at St. Joseph Village Board.

Jumping right into WCIA.

“Due to lack of judgment on their part, it has really upset a lot of our community. I didn’t want to react simply on emotion because personally, I take it very personally. Law enforcement is my family.” said Mayor Tami Fruhling-Voges.

Officer Matt Silver is speaking. “It is going to be a hard no,” Silver said. “If anyone doesn’t vote no shame on you.” Silver saying Oberheim was his partner and an outstanding man and officer. “They are not welcome in this community and they shouldn’t be ever again. Chris was a hero and he died a hero. He was a great mentor for me personally and shame on WCIA for piss pour judgment.”

Amy McElroy discussing the brand of the village. “We are a bunch of people who love each other are law supporting, police supporting individuals. Their apology was no apology.” McElroy talking about the number of law enforcement individuals we have in the community. Discussing how the village shouldn’t spend tax dollars to make WCIA look good. (Meaning the festival they usually hold downtown when WCIA brings Our Town.)

Abby McDonald speaking now. Her husband is a police officer. “He leaves us to protect others and when he leaves us he wants to know we are safe, protected and supported.” McDonald talking about how law enforcement families have been under attack for a long time and it would mean so much if the community supported them in such a small way.

Bev Pridemore is speaking now. Officer Oberheim was her cousin. “I am not in favor of WCIA coming to St. Joseph….They went to great lengths and a great distance to put together a biased and sensationalized story. They had a number of pictures of the repeat convicted felon, but they chose to use the one depicting him as an angel with a halo and wings as the cover for their story then to add insult to injury they issued a statement saying they reached out to the family to apologize and that was false.”

Pridemore saying a family member reached out to WCIA. Discussing the support the family has received from the community, across the country.

“I will never forget thousands of people lined up along the procession route showing their respect.”

“Please be apart of the solution to end the violence of our community,” Pridemore said.

Max Painter is apologizing because he said “This may be forgotten by August.” He is saying he did not mean Officer Oberheim, his sacrifice, or what happened would be forgotten.

Dan Davis making a motion to decline the “Our Town” event. Terri Cummings second it.

52 emails saying they wanted no part of it. Two said we could help educate WCIA as a community.

Discussing whether it needs to be a straw vote or a real vote. Tami saying a straw vote because they never actually voted to approve it. Davis saying he wants a real vote to take a stand.

Davis saying he is making the motion on his “own accord” “and the people in this room have spoken.”

Village Clerk “The letters are beautiful letters and the people wrote lovely things about the people that protect us.”

Art saying he hates to vote on his sentiments alone. His sentiments are he feels the same as the people here tonight and it reinforces the statement they are going to make that people took time out of their day to come here and let them know how they feel and email their opinion.

7-0 to decline. Tami voted even though she normally only votes in a tie-breaker.

“This cannot be in vain,” Tami said. “Right now this is very, very raw for a lot of us. With law enforcement we are family. It is a different breed. It is a different lifestyle.”

“By canceling this event we are sending the message we stand behind our police officers,” Fruhling-Voges said.

Jim saying they have sold 306 signs, 100 decals and 100 shirts. They have raised $1500 for the family.

Pridemore is speaking again. “Amber was really sorry she couldn’t be here tonight. She is being pulled in a lot of different directions.” Officer Oberheim’s wife sent a statement saying thank you to the Wagners, the community for their support. Pridemore said the family is starting a nonprofit foundation called Peacemaker Project 703. to honor Officer Oberheim and those who serve.

They did bills and investments.

Public comment time: Residents are requesting Pickleball courts. (what is pickleball cause that sounds awesome)

and another resident is asking for a sidewalk in front of their business.

Pickleball sounds fun. We could all use a little joy. Lets make it happen.

The sidewalk would go in front of the former Abbeyfield building. Now it is a daycare!.

Joe Lierman sent a thank you card. #classact #villageattorney #Thebest

Apparently Ameren is 4.821 cents per kw the current contract is 5ish you can opt out if you are in the electrical aggregation since Ameren is cheaper. 1800 718 1493 is the number to call to opt out! #doit #saveyourmoney

Tami discussing how come Friday we will be in phase 5. And you know… use your common sense and stay safe.

Upcoming summer events:

Winery having a 5K on August. 14. In Conjunction with the festival. Proceeds going to Friends fore Life.

The SJO 5K is having the 5K July 31.

The antique tractor pull is Aug. 7 at sports complex

The garden tractor pull is happening Aug. 14 with the festival

The antique auto show is Aug. 21 after the festival.

There will be a pancake breakfast the morning of the festival.

Little Prince and Princess is happening too.

Are we hiring an administrator? NOT YET. They hope next meeting. It sounds like contract negotiations.

Jeff is is dicussing little kids on motor scooters with no regard for stop signs. #OMG #thosearentfortheroadarethey?

Some were on the rail trail. THAT IS NOT ALLOWED.

The board said they are not allowed on the road. Keep it in your driveway. Maybe ride then out at the basketball court at the sports complex if the courts aren’t being used.

Luke Fisher is saying Public Works is afraid they are going to hit a child on one when they are using the large trucks. #DONTRIDETHEMONPUBLICROADS


We have 78 registered carts and 137 permits issued. There are some people who aren’t registered and tiny children are sitting on parent laps and aren’t seat belted in. The kids are driving- this is all not ALLOWED.

Deputy Reifsteck is here. He said it was brought to his attention that people aren’t following the ordinance and they will speak with the people who aren’t following the ordinance. Tickets can be issued but they prefer education first.
Discussing the fire that took place last week and the good work for the fire department.

I am kinda disappointed they didn’t hire the village administrator.

They are voting on sidewalk work right now.

FOOD TRUCKS- Only one person has even requested info for food truck permits. All that work and no one is doing it?!?? OMG GET US SOME FOOD TRUCKS.

Eagle Scout project at Kolb Park- recommending where to put the bike repair station tomorrow morning. #makingthecommunitybetter

meeting is over.

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