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Live at Village Board, April 25, 2023

We are here.

On the agenda, the festival committee, the Fourth of July parade, outdoor dining for Roch’s and El Toro.

Rise Broadband wants to come to st. Joseph, they want to buy a trailer, budget approval, swimming pool fence discussions liquor licenses and more.

Approving the minutes.
Amber Lannert- Meadow Circle- has questions regarding homes that do not maintain their property. Saying the house next to the house she owns is a hazard and wants clarification on whether or not it is a policy or a law. Lannert is saying the grass is knee-high. “Not only have I complained but others have complained,” Lannert said she and her husband have mowed and cleaned up items that the neighbors claim were theirs but were not. “We have done everything we can possibly can do.”

Discussing how they enforce ordinances. Basically, to enforce an ordinance they have to take someone to court. Paxton has a way that they can fine people but it doesn’t give you a court order, ect.

I think this is the house that they sent Public Works to clean up like six months ago.

Joe says this is a question of whether the village wants to allocate resources to fight things like this on this level. He said they have spent $4,000 on court fees on the “boat graveyard.” and the yellow house near the rail trail is much higher.

This is a very clear example of the village having no real way to enforce ordinances. The late, great, Forest Chism used to ask all the time why they created ordinances they never had a way to enforce.

Tami says she doesn’t have a good solid answer to fix the situation. Lannert says it doesn’t sound like they are going to do anything to help.

If they take it to court they can get permission to go on the property to clean it up.

Discussing having a lawyer send the residents a letter.

Max argues that the village would pay $20,000 to fight this in court and why doesn’t the owner just put a privacy fence up?

Dan Davis asking how they prioritize things like this.

Tami saying that a letter is basically enough to usually get people to comply.

Lannert saying she wants to do a long-term rental or sell the house she owns. Davis saying that would maybe benefit the school system by having a family move in.

Lawyer Marc Miller saying that Champaign has a lot more zoning and enforcement tools and you can still find properties there that looks bad. Basically, he’s saying there’s only so much you can do.

Lannert saying that we aren’t champaign and we have a higher expectation of our citizens across the board.

Tami saying we do but they can’t just go on people’s property.

Lannert wants them to look at how Paxton does it as far as fining, ect.

Terri saying they will revisit it but it probably isn’t in the village’s best interest to revisit it multiple times.

This reminds me of the time BJ told me if you go back in the village minutes there will be three things you always find. Loose dogs and cats, neighbor disputes and drainage.

Joe saying that the village needs to have discretion as far as what they send, ect. it isn’t always as timely as people want because they like to have in-person conversations and have to decide what is actually worthwhile for the village to pursue.

Jim Wagner is doing the lord’s work to move this along and has made a motion to have the community council under the village but have the Legion treated as a vendor. Max Painter saying he isn’t the only one who had concerns but he thought there were more people who were concerned. “I was hung out to dry.” “I wish I had never opened my mouth. Leave it alone.”

Tami talking about how people need to know who are on the community council.

Terri saying Max is talking about her. “I think the communication is the big issue.” She seconded the motion.

Basically, the community council will come to be a formal entity under the village. Wagner saying they want to relieve the tension that is currently surrounding the festival committee.

Art likes the idea of a 501 c3 because…. something about if someone FOIA’d the festival committee minutes?

A few of them really like the non-profit idea. Tami saying maybe in the future, the chamber will grow where they can take over the festival.

It’s under the village. #asitshouldbe

They approved outdoor dining for Rochs and El Toro.

Rise Broadband wants to come here. Max saying the more the merrier. “Just get them here.” #YESPLEASE #INEEDBETTERINTERNETPLEASE They are giving a presentation now. ohhhhhh, no data caps. #takethatxfinity

They are discussing a vehicle purchase now.

They approved their budget. The budget is what they can spend not what they do spend. #justareminder

Just a reminder: You need a fence if you have a pool.

They are discussing special event liquor licenses.

Tami talking about Lobby day.

And taste of St. Joseph. #June9 #comedowntownandeat #beonthelookoutforamap

Art talking about putting leaves on fields.

Max talking about solar farms and how solar panels actually make money.

meeting adjourned.

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