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Live at St. Joseph Village Board March 22

I am here so you don’t have to be and it’s bond discussion night. #letuspray

Going over minutes from the last meeting. They are approved.

The internet has went out so if you are on zoom, that’s why you can’t see the meeting. #oops.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Brian Kearney, President of St. Joseph Summer Softball. The softball program wants the fields levels and lifts cut out. “It needs maintenance.” Saying it is a safety concern. The program wants to pay for it. #takinginititive

Discussing challenges with teams scheduling and prepping, ect. Travel teams are apparently using “home” team’s stuff to rake, clean up, ect.

You know what would solve this? A park and rec director. #parttime

Here’s what we have to look forward to: Zoning map update discussion. (NOT PHILO this is the thing that has no name) #wedonttalkaboutthetowncenter
Minimum wage increases
Snow routes
Bonds in the amount of $16 million for improvements to waterworks and sewer, repair the streets and the construction of a community building. #dowereallyneedacommunitybuilding
Rent versus purchase of pickleball fencing
Abating tax levies
I really just want to hear about the community building because they are going to discuss the idea of selling the current municipal building, the Boy Scout building and the annex on second street. #dontkillthemessenger

We are still discussing the fields. I feel like he has really valid concerns.

Brian is making the point that renters don’t pay to fix their roof in a home they are renting. #valid.

Tami saying renters do have to change their own lightbulbs though. #true.

I guess they are putting a new roof on the concession stand area this fiscal year.

The program is really dedicated if they are going to spend their own money for maintenance, a sound system and scoreboards. That’s really impressive honestly. A lot of people wouldn’t do that.

Still discussing the parks.

Luke saying he wants the best for the kids, trying to change things around so that a staff member will do the stuff for the parks, ect. #lukealwayshasasolution

Hayden drug the diamonds. (am I using the right term?) Luke points out that there are a lot of people out there practicing when the diamonds are wet. Which caused dents. “I am trying to make it better.” Luke says they have no issue dragging the diamonds once a week but does question why people are practicing on the field when they are very wet and causing more issues.

So 46 minutes in… We are still in public comment. #lordtakethewheel

Discussing the zoning, they are in the public hearing for the zoning. It’s not Philo Bank. It’s basically just cleaning up the zoning map. #wedonttalkaboutthetowncenter.

Five years in the making, the zoning updates pass. #mysonwasanewbornwhentheyfirstdiscussedthis

Old Business. Never mind, we are going to new business and We are skipping towards bonds.

The numbers in this presentation are outdated due to the Russia/Ukraine conflict causing chaos in the bond market.

This is just the first step in a long process. The man presenting seems like he really knows his stuff. Bonds are boring though.

The 16 million in bonds would go to numerous projects. They are discussing how you would repay it.

They are still discussing bonds.

They are moving forward with the bonds.

Wagner telling Bond man that he loves his energy. He was really peppy.

We are halfway through the meeting. #Ijustwantthemtotalkabouttheboyscoutbuilding.

Shoutout to Jim Wagner for giving me water so I can quit chewing ice. #imsureitwasannoying. #Imthirsty

The minimum wage increase basically is because Pritzker made minimum wage go up and by 2025 it will be $15. Terri says they should bite the bullet now and do the increase gradually.

Snow route ordinance. Basically, get your cars off the roads if there is more than 2 inches.

If you are parked on these roads and they cannot get through with the plow they will tow you.

Grand Street
Main Street
Lincoln Street
Main Street
Evergreen Street
Sherman Street
Ethel Street

5th Street
Third Street
Elm Street
Harlan Wise Drive
Peters Drive

Pickleball. It is cheaper to buy the fence than rent. So they are buying.

They had a committee meeting to discuss the 150th-anniversary thing. Todd Hitt, Angela Page and Eric Buzzard are on the committee. As are Luke and Tami.

Dan Davis discussing the community survey. They had quite a few residents say they wanted a community building. it wouldn’t be like royal. It would be for small groups, Davis said and the “people who utilize the scout building.”

Davis suggesting they get appraisals on the three buildings and see what the funds would be if they sold.

Joe saying the boy scout building is used “part-time.” The annex is used for Tami’s office and Public Work’s office.

I feel like when people think of a community-building they do want a building like Royal, not village offices and space for small meetings. That’s just my hot take though.

Terri suggested they look at Sidney’s building.

Terri is doing her due diligence. #YESthankyou.

Tami saying she needs to touch base with the boy scout leader. Dan saying they will have a place at the community center to hold their meetings.

I hope they are going to make space for the girl scouts in a new community building.

Dan Davis coming through and saying the GS will have a space. #femaleempowerment

They are moving forward with the appraisal for buildings.


Discussing if a community building will fit on that lot they bought by the annex and spring green. Luke says it will.

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