December 4, 2023 Local Stories in and Around St. Joseph, Illinois

Live at St. Joseph Village Board, Jan. 12, 2021

I will live blog tonight.

Pavlov media will give a presentation.

Susan Monte from Regional Planning will be there.

We will get an update on the Wetlands.

And the village manager situation.

They haven’t met since early December so it should be a good one!

Check back at 7 p.m.

There is a lot of people in the audience. I can’t imagine what for because there’s nothing too controversial on the agenda.

Debbie is letting us know that the village has money. #wecanpayourbillsthankyou

They are getting a $25,000 CD for stormwater for 3 months.

They are rolling other CDs.

Public comment time. Reading the participation policy. Basically, do not be abusive and limit your time to 5 minutes.

Lisa Wortman from Jack Flash is here. She is here with her daughter Jackie Wortman. They want to do video gambling again. They said since there are new members on the board maybe there will be changes and new ideas. They are requesting a pour license.

Jackie is talking now. Saying granting the pour license is beneficial to Jack Flash and St. Joseph. They would estimate $18,000 to $20,000 for the village each year from it. Jackie is saying 2020 has been challenging for them.

It is not on the agenda so they cannot vote on it. Tami giving the options. Wagner saying they should have a committee meeting. Tami saying it should be before the next village board meeting.

I will get the date on that and let everyone know.

Susan Monte is talking from regional planning. She’s lovely and knows a lot of information.

Back to video gaming- According to the Illinois Gaming Board for all of 2020 only one business in town has video gaming- Rochs. Roch’s has six machines and brought in $6,273.53 for the village.

In 2019- which would probably be a more fair comparison Roch’s had five machines and brought in $12,408.19 to the village. Will people really gamble enough to bring in another $18,000? To get the $12,000 for the village $3,072,769.37 was played in 2019.

Here’s a reminder from almost exactly this time last year.

Pavlov media is here. Including the president. #WOW Usually people just send spokespeople.

Mark Sheldon is here with them. #Iknewirecognizedhim

They build municipal fiber networks. They do 17 other municipal fiber towns in college areas. They own their own construction company. They want to help small towns accelerate access to fiber networks.

Talking about how COVID Has changed how we work, live and do school. #hardfacts

They prioritize the cities that want to work with them.

“Back to video gambling- if my math is right they would need to have five million in additional gambling within the village for the village to get $20,000. I am curious if people think that is possible?

Mahomet, Downs, Mansfield, Monticello have all worked with Pavlov.

They are in it for the long game, the president said. They will wait out their competitors.

Telling a funny story about attending a conference where service providers networked with content providers and Facebook assumed they were serving 2 million homes but it was really 150,000 students who were streaming tons of things on their computers.

Village going to gather more information. Including whether people would be interested in it. #uhyes. #myinternetgoesoutdaily #multipletimes

Now they are moving things around to discuss fertilizer at the parks. Going in depth on what the agreement would entail. This is really indepth for park maintance. Basically, they are going to look more into it it sounds like.

Calendar for 2021. I am going to guess it’s Second and Fourth Tuesday of the month! 7 p.m. Village Hall. Be there or be square.

Talking about budgeting.

Wetlands update. It’s still amazing. And their goal is to take away the hump near Rt. 150 and make it a little parking lot. #yesplease

Debbie is making progress on deliquent sewer accounts. #payyourbills #youcandoapaymentplan or #directdeposit

$13,000 worth of delinquent bills have been paid. #godebbie

Which is 79 percent of the delinquent bills.

Human Kinetics is putting on a virtual marathon.

FInance is going to be putting together information that will be used for the village administrator job posting.


That’s a wrap.

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