September 19, 2021 Local Stories in and Around St. Joseph, Illinois

Live at St. Joseph Village Board

Going over the money now. They have some. #wearentbroke

It’s all approved.

Mike Sennert is here again doing IT work. #hero

Doing investments. Gifford and Longview submitted rates. Busey did not.

There are no audience members here.

My internet is so slow here today. #Amitheonlyone

Bills time.

They paid Visit Champaign County a membership fee.

“We feel it is important. They do a lot for Champaign County,” said Mayor Tami Fruhling-Voges. Tami saying that since IHSA boys basketball is coming back to the assembly hall it’s important to be a member and the village will get a lot out of it.

I don’t know that boys’ basketball teams and fans are going to come out here to our awesome restaurants but it would be cool if they did.

Tami had a zoom meeting to discuss the Kickapoo Rail Trail grant that the village committed to in 2017. The village committed to $20,000. This grant is going to put additional parking behind Caseys, additional signage around the pathway and some different things, new bike racks, ect. #itwillbeawesome

Talking about the awesome girl scouts who are doing great things at Hackler Park.

Tami said sales tax revenues are on track for where they usually are but she is concerned because it looks like fewer people are eating downtown outside. So she is interested to see the numbers in the next few months.

Max Painter has arrived! He was doing the meeting via zoom like five minutes ago. #TECHNOLOGY

Village Administrator- the Finance Committee thinks it is a good idea for the village to move forward with a search for a village administrator. They will update and review the job description.

Parks- teams have submitted their rosters and will pay according to their game count.

Public Health and Safety- three different times Dan Davis has removed a bicycle from a fire hydrant. It’s at the house that the village had to clean up the yard. “I don’t want to fool around with that thing in the time of an emergency,” he said. #DANisafirefighterhedoesntplaywiththisstuff

Discussing the cars parking out in Crestwood. #howcanafiretruckfit #itprobablycant #stopparkingonbothsidesofthestreet

Rapp saying there is a reluctance by the homeowners association to enforce no parking on the roads.

Davis pointing out that if a fire truck can’t get through and a car is blocking the road the car owner may be liable for damages. #causepeoplesue

Rapp saying the HOA has a lot of enforcement power.

Luke Fisher saying Dump trucks and equipment have a hard time fitting through the roads either. “If we could get the homeowners to get some stuff off the roads at least on one side or the other it would make a big difference,” he said.

Fisher said it is making brush pick up difficult.

Tami pointing out the brush guidelines say residents should have cars moved so the public works employees can reach the brush.

Tami pointing out that lots of towns have this problem.

An eagle-eyed reader just pointed out I called the State Farm Center the Assembly Hall. #Busted #oops #showingmyage

Do people not park in their driveways? Seriously asking. Parking on the road isn’t a thing where I grew up. We lived on an MTD route so you don’t park on the road.

Jeff Van Buskirk is saying they want to revisit the food truck situation on April 13, 2021. Discussing how this will affect the Hawaiian Ice Truck. #ineedtotakethekidsthere

They want a moratorium on food trucks until then.

Discussing how food trucks will be allowed on private property. #parkitinyourdriveway

Max Painter is discussing how the village can’t nix some food trucks and allow some food trucks.

They also discussed a first Sunday of the Month Farmers Market type of thing. #whatsthedifferencebetweenafarmersmarketandafoodtruck

Max Painter is hitting it out of the park right now saying how a farmer’s market would compete with the IGA and how they didn’t want food trucks to compete with restaurants but it is the same thing. #isntit?

Tami is urging them to decide how detailed the moratorium needs to be. Basically, Tami is saying that if they don’t do anything official they can’t enforce it. #hardfacts

So… if sales tax is where it usually is- can we use COVID as a reason to ban the food trucks? #askingforafriend

Dan Davis saying the online comments- those people need to come in and say it to us right here.

OMG they just need to allow trucks, permit them and then make some money off of it.

Painter saying people are going to bring up the Hawaiian Ice Truck. #theytotallywill

In fairness, the Hawaiian Ice Truck has been in the works for two years and everyone likes a snowcone. #cherryorangedeliciousness

Nothing is resolved. Basically they will have a committee meeting and discuss this for the 800th time.

The Hawaiian Ice Truck is ON PRIVATE PROPERTY SO…….isn’t that allowed anyway?

Basically, they don’t want food trucks on the streets.

I am sure this will be discussed at the next meeting. Stay tuned.

FISHER TILE TIME. #Imoverlyinvestedinthis

OH NO. The school board voted to approve the easement with the condition that the drainage district needed to accept the responsibility of the maintenance. #isthedealindanger?

The school board is saying they will allow it if everyone else pays their share of maintenance costs until the DD accepts responsibility.

Joe saying this isn’t good news.

Tami saying the School District is currently responsible for the drainage tile. They were supposed to get it turned over to the DD in 2005. That never happened for whatever reason so what the easement agreement only allows the only two same properties that are currently draining into the tile to use the tile. “This doesn’t change anything regarding what actual water is going through that tile.” “The issue is still is the school has to figure out a way to get the DD to sign off on it.”

Basically, the grade school is tanking this deal that they have been working on since Tami took over as mayor. #NOOOOO #WENEEDTOWNHOUSES

Joe saying he feels the school board will eventually realize they need to be on board with this.

Tiffany feels like the school board didn’t have all the information they needed.

Art just said they should threaten to litigate against the school to recoup the cost for all the money the village has spent to work on the project. #OHNO

They are going to talk to the Grade School Superintendent again to see how they can move forward.

Meeting adjurned.

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