September 16, 2019 Local Stories in and Around St. Joseph, Illinois

St. Joseph Village Board- Live

Tonight is the night where they vote on the dispensary.

They are talking money. CDs and the like. And interest rates.

I am going to make a prediction that the board is going to direct the lawyer to write an ordinance NOT allowing sales of marijuana within the village. I just cannot see a scenario where they would vote yes.

TV is here! #someoneisgoingtobefamous

Public Participation time: The rules are you state your name, address, limit your talking to five minutes and don’t swear at the trustees, clerk or mayor or other audience members. #basicallybepolite

VOLO BROADBAND IS HERE. #Currentstateofbuildoutinstjoseph
All of a sudden we have started getting a high rate of interest.
In the Spring they are going to build out the rest of the town. #OURPRAYERSHAVEBEENANSWERED

Someone just said they got an $85 credit from Comcast for the last outage.

WAIT. It’s time. Dispensary talk.
Art Rapp “The sentiment of the people of St. Joe is that we opt out.” Rapp making the motion to opt out and direct the attorney to write an ordinance stating such. Seconded by Painter. 5-0 in favor of opting out.


I would still like to know how much it costs to put a referendum on the ballot though.

MSA Is making a presentation on updating zoning ordinances. To recap, the board spent a while discussing a town center zoning and then after tons of time they voted no. But the zoning is still 20 years old and needs to be updated. So this is the second chance at doing that.

Hopefully, if they go forward with this they 1. agree to work towards passing it. 2. DO not label it as a town center. People got real worked up about the name when all it basically was was a business district that meant certain things couldn’t go downtown like a pork processing plant, (that’s just an example.)

Mayor “Everyone was pretty much in agreement that the document that was presented to us was a good document.”

Mayor pointing out that with zoning how it is now they can’t even tell people where they could put a medical marijuana dispensary.

Wagner said there was some misunderstanding in the public regarding the town center. #fact #hespeaksthetruth #DONOTCALLITATOWNCENTER #itisazoningupdate

They have switched up committees now. (Well, now they call them teams)
Painter is in charge of finance.

People are coming to look at the parks, ect. so the village can get a grant.

Wagner is in charge of parks now.

The water fountains at Hackler are still not working. #fact #Mykidsweresad

Painter wants to look at what it would take to have a dog park within the village. He is asking about the next phase of the sports complex.

Mayor urging people to keep collecting bottle caps. Dump them off at village hall.

There is a hearing on Sept. 19 for the Monroe property. Joe asking if the village actually wants to go on the property and clean it up. Wagner saying he has someone who will do it. The property owner is being fined $50 a day. Now it’s up to $3,000. Painter asked for details. Wagner saying the owner was cleaning up but now there is mulch in the road, ect.

Rapp discussing parking now. Basically, stop parking on both sides of the road so emergency vehicles can get through.

A friendly reminder to not park in the middle of the road during the garage sales. #yourneighborsthankyou

That’s a wrap. To recap there will be no dispensary and we got three new benches and there will hopefully be new zoning within the next six months.

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